Next WCWC Show February 19th in Mollala; DOA Pro Wrestling February 12th in Willamina and 13th in Portland


The WCWC holds shows in the Kliever Armory in Portland about once a month.
January 2011 Portland Show
November 2010 Springfield Show
June 2010 Springfield Show

May 2010 Springfield Show
April 2010 Springfield Show
March 2010 Springfield Show
March 2010 Portland Show
January 2010 Springfield Show
November 2009 Springfield Show
October 2009 Springfield Show
August 2009 Springfield Show
July 2009 Springfield Show
June 2009 Springfield Show
May 2009 Springfield Show
March 2009 Springfield Show
February 2009 Springfield Show
January 2009 Springfield Show

November 2008 Roseburg Show
November 2008 Springfield Show
September 2008 Springfield Show
September 2008 Roseburg Show

July 2008 Salem Show
June 2008 Salem Show

April 2008 Salem Show
March 2008 Salem Show
February 2008 Salem Show
December 2007 Roseburg Show
October 2007 Salem Show
September 2007 Roseburg Show

August 2007 Salem Show
July 2007 Salem Show
June 2007 Salem Show
May 2007 Salem Show

April 2007 Salem Show
March 2007 2nd Anniversary Show
February 2007 Salem Show
January 2007 Salem Show
September 2006 Corvallis TV Taping
April 2006 Eugene TV Taping

March 2006 Eugene TV Taping
February 2006 Salem Show

February 2006 Eugene Show

January 2006 Eugene Show
December 2005 Eugene Show
November 2005 Eugene Show

January 2005 TV taping link
November 2004 TV taping link


August 2010 Eugene Show (at Diablos)
August 2010 Eugene Show (at Good Times)
April 2010 Eugene Show
August 2009 Eugene Show
June 2009 Eugene Show
May 2009 Eugene Show

Portland Wrestling seems to be gone. We are sad to see this great promotion leave but it is a business, however I will keep all the PW pictures posted here and let's hope I am wrong and Frank and crew return too us!
Volcanoes Stadium Show
July 2005 TV taping link
April 2005 TV taping link

February 2005 TV taping link

December 2004 TV taping link
September 2004 TV taping
August 2004 TV Taping
May 2004 Eugene Show
March 2004 TV Taping
February 2004 TV Taping

PNPW South was an offshoot promotion of PNPW. Several wrestlers including some from the Eugene area made an effort to put on a weekly show in Eugene. Troubles with getting a venue and some unexpected other problems forced it to do monthly shows. Then finally, the promotion shutdown after their last show in December of 2004. Many of the PNPW South wrestlers can now be seen with the Portland Wrestling promotion or other PNPW offshoots.
Best of PNPW South 2004
July 2005 Show
May 2005 TV Taping
October 2004 TV taping link
August 2004 TV taping link
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